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Talking Tales Junior Book Club – September 2017

We are reading The Great Fire Dogs by Megan Rix

London 1666 – A terrible plague has swept through the city and people live in fear of animals carrying the disease.  Woofer is a loveable stray who works in the palace kitchen and Tiger Lily is the pampered pet spaniel of King Charles II.  They come from very different worlds but this hasn’t stopped them becoming the best of friends and looking out for each other.  When Woofer finds himself in trouble he has to escape the palace grounds and Tiger Lily isn’t far behind him.

It’s not long before a new danger emerges – a great fire is sweeping across London destroying everything in its path.  Can these two brave dogs survive the blazing fire and make their way to safety?

Talking Tales will next meet on Wednesday 27th September at 4 – 5pm

New members please book your free place by calling into the shop, emailing us:, or phoning 0161 747 7442

Daytime Book Club – September 2017

We are currently reading Lie With Me by Sabine Durrant

The truth is, we all tell lies… Take a deep breath and get ready for the most twisty, tense and unsettling book of the summer.  It starts with a lie.  The kind we’ve all told – to a former acquaintance we can’t quite place but still, for some reason, feel the need to impress.  The story of our life, embellished for the benefit of the happily married lawyer with the kids and the lovely home.  And the next thing you know, you’re having dinner at their house, and accepting an invitation to join them on holiday – swept up in their perfect life, the kind you always dreamed of… Which turns out to be less than perfect.  But by the time you’re trapped and sweating in the relentless Greek sun, burning to escape the tension all around you – by the time you start to realise that, however painful the truth might be, it’s the lies that cause the real damage…well, by then, it could just be too late.

We next meet on Thursday 14th September at 10.30am.

If you would like to join this or any of our book clubs, please call 0161 747 7442 or call in the shop Wed-Sat 9am-5.30pm.



Book Club 2 – September 2017

Book Club 2 are currently reading:  To Have and Have Not by Ernest Hemingway

To Have and Have Not is the dramatic story of Harry Morgan, an honest man who is forced into running contraband between Cuba and Key West as a means of keeping his crumbling family financially afloat.  His adventures lead him into the world of the wealthy and dissipated yachtsmen who throng the region, and involve him in a strange and unlikely love affair.
Harshly realistic, yet with one of the most subtle and moving relationships in the Hemingway oeuvre, To Have and Have Not is literary high adventure at its finest.

The next meeting is on Monday 25th September 2017 starting at 7.00pm

If you would like join this or one of the other book clubs at Urmston Bookshop give us a call on 0161 747 7442 or pop into the shop Wed-Sat,  9am – 5.30pm and sign up.  🙂



Book Club 1 – September 2017

Book Club 1 are currently reading: The Ashes of London by Andrew Taylor

London, September 1666.  The Great Fire rages through the city, consuming everything in its path.  Even the impregnable cathedral of St. Paul’s is engulfed in flames and reduced to ruins.  Among the crowds watching its destruction is James Marwood, son of a disgraced printer, and reluctant government informer.

In the aftermath of the fire, a semi-mummified body is discovered in the ashes of St. Paul’s, in a tomb that should have been empty.  The man’s body has been mutilated and his thumbs have been tied behind his back.

Under orders from the government, Marwood is tasked with hunting down the killer across the devastated city.  But at a time of dangerous internal dissent and the threat of foreign invasion, Marwood finds his investigation leads him into treacherous waters – and across the path of a determined, beautiful and vengeful young woman.

The next meeting will be on Monday 11th September 2017 starting at 7.00pm.

If you would like join this or one of the other book clubs at Urmston Bookshop give us a call on 0161 747 7442 or pop into the shop and sign up. 🙂