Meet Young Adult Author Tom Bridge


Tom Bridge is Bolton born and bred and as such has a grounded and straight forward outlook on life.

Being a Gemini, however, means that Tom has an open and creative mind and hence the ability to write great stories.

The survivor of a stroke, part of Tom’s recovery has been creating the Grange Girls’ world and hopes that this first story in a series of mysteries will be an enjoyable read.

Although much widely travelled, Tom now lives in Manchester with his partner.



The Mystery of Gogarth Abbey

Kimberley and her friends were so excited. They were going on a school trip and staying at Gogarth Abbey in Llandudno for a whole week. The abbey was a very old and spooky place and all was not as it seemed, as the girls soon discovered. Investigations revealed a mystery which had lain dormant for many years…


Tuesday 20th March 2018

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